Saving myself from me

We’re a minority. Probably all special interest groups are minorities, whether it’s rock climbing, sky diving, bagpipe playing or even composing music, we are minorities. There’s considerably less of us than stamp collectors but significantly more of us than avid chess players. While vastly different than all those pursuits, we share one common trait; passion … More Saving myself from me

Becoming Intermediate

It’s really quite a comprehensive process similar in format and concept to the Foundation assessment and examination I took earlier in the year and once again the assessment is unique relative to the US licensing process that is exam centric only. The most obvious benefits in attaining a UK ham Intermediate license are an increase … More Becoming Intermediate

Practically Intermediate

The UK has three ham license levels; Foundation, Intermediate and Full. Having just completed my Foundation my energy is focused on the next level. Similar to the Foundation but different to the US approach, the Intermediate has a practical assessment followed by a multiple choice exam. The difference is the practical and while the Foundation … More Practically Intermediate